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Oliver H. Van Horn (OVH) was established in 1903 and was acquired by the Würth Group in 2010. We are headquartered in the historic city of New Orleans, LA. The company specializes in providing integrated customer solutions for the distribution and sale of industrial supply and machine tool products. OVH is a leader in the distribution of abrasives, cutting tools, machine tools, and related maintenance and repair products to its customers largely in the Wind, Oil and Gas and Marine Vertical Segments.

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With its nearly 230 vending solutions, OVH not only brings increased customer integration expertise, but also industry leading technical expertise on cutting tools. 90% of OVH key customers utilize automated replenishment solutions such as Vending and RFID, as OVH builds technology into customer relationships.
Central to the mission of OVH is to improve customers profitability. Consigned Inventory Programs, Vendor Consolidation, Crib Management and Application Engineering are key elements of the value OVH provides to its customers.
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